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Housekeeper in Ft. Lauderdale

When You Cannot be In 2 Places At Once,
The Demestik Agency is the perfect solution!

The Demestik Agency is a referral agency that strategically present the
perfect Nanny or Housekeeper with everyday busy parents.

We are aware that every family has different needs when it comes to their
home being cleaned and their children cared for. We work to be the most affordable solution to everyday busy parents and strive to give a peace of mind
on the delivery of excellent service to you and your family. 

Dear Family,


One of the biggest frustrations of all, is having so much to do and not enough time! 

Whether big or small, everyone has a household to manage and that is why

The Demestik Agency is the new solution! We are a referral agency that takes a sensitive approach with innovation, to match the perfect candidate for your domestic needs.

We have sustaining knowledge in home domestic care for over 20 years and a keen charisma that allows The Demestik Agency to "fit into your family" and deliver a service of excellence to you and yours! 

Meet Our Team

 Ronrika Hurst -Founder


Friendly known as Rika, is the creative organizational structure of  

The Demestik Agency. More importantly, she establishes Partnerships and Development in building fruitful relationships with our customers and clientele.

Ronrika Hurst- Founder of The Demestik Agency

Marilyn BrowningVP of Marketing

Ms. Browning talents in Social Media Creative Services help 

The Demestik Agency be the leader in Domestic Placement.  She identifies social marketing opportunities and build awareness to who we are and how we can help make your home and life more time efficient!

Yorleny is a talented team executive that establishes The Demestik Agency services and presence in Miami!  She delivers the mission of The Demestik Agency by being a key liaison to nannies, housekeepers as well as to families!

Yorleny Chavez-    Brand Ambassador Miami

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