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Why The Demestik Agency Nanny?

Our Nannies can assist the children with homework

Our Nannies can prepare the kids meals and snacks

Our Nannies can pick up your child from school

Don't worry about taking your child to after school activities! Our Demestik Agency nanny is on the way!

Sometimes life just get in the way where you just cannot be in 2 places at once. Pick up the kids from school, dash to after school activities and then home to prepare supper...

We at The Demestik Agency can be the perfect solution! 

With over 7 years in business, we give a keen ear to understand the requirements of parents who contact us. We also are aware that every family has different needs when it comes to child care and that is why we are able to provide the nannies who  can adjust to every situation.

We work to be the most affordable solution to domestic placement and work to give you the peace of mind while our candidates are skilled on the delivery of excellent service to you and your child.

Our Qualified and Experience Nannies Undergo a Thorough Background Check That Includes the Following Results:

  • Nation-wide Criminal Check

  • Sex Offender

  • Driving Record

  • Address Verification

  • Social Security Number Verification

  • Employment Verification- (References will be provided to parent)


We Offer The Following:

  • Full time Nannies  

  • Permanent Nannies

  • Part Time Nannies (Babysitter)

  • Night and weekend babysitter placements for when you wish to have a night out

  • Night Nannies

  • Newborn Specialist

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