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The Misconception About Nanny Agencies

Happy New Year and an exciting one it will be!

In the world of busy mom’s and dads, everyday life should be all about convenience, convenience, convenience!

In many of my small talks with other parents, I noticed how apprehensive they are to having a Nanny although they believe it would make things so much easier for the household day to day.

So why do parents say no to Domestic Agencies?

When we hear about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, Nannies and Housekeepers are a must have. The association of the wealthy and hired domestic help, marks the number 1 reason why parents do not use domestic agencies.

Let’s say that an agency cost between $2-5K for a placement. While you pick up the kids from school, prepare dinner, make sure homework is completed…how can you have time to schedule interviews to meet with candidates?

The agency alleviates a lot of time off of your hands by conducting face to face interviews with candidates based on the criteria needed in your home. They build security and trustworthiness by verifying references and conducting vigorous background checks.

Having a Nanny gives your child the comfortability of being in their own home environment and having the one-on-one attention in oppose to daycares.

Shop around with your local domestic agency. Chances are if

The Demestik Agency is featured in your city, it will be the most affordable! However many agencies offer seasonal incentives such as Summer Break and Back-To-School promotions or Spring and holiday cleaning specials.

Not all nanny agencies are expensive and when you weigh the pros and cons, it turns out to be a very good value all the way around!

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